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BETHERE - Corfu Animation Festival 2012


Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is a new international animation festival, that includes Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands, as its point of reference. It aims to constitute a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world, every April of the year.

It is a four-day celebration of animation, but does not forget to advertise art and artistic merit in all its forms, combined with an educational glance and a time for entertainment.


IIDFF in the frame of promoting the cinematography art in the Ionian region developed a collaboration with BETHERE and for its first year screened its 14 Best of Animation of BETHERE Festival of March 2012.


List of the animation films that was screened during the festival (15-22/9/2012) in Lefkas can be found  here.






CologneOFF-International Video Art Festival 2012


IIDFF within the frame of networking and collaboration with other festivals around the globe in types like video art that are not within the content of IIDFF, is going to screen this summer out of the competition procedure 97 selected video arts from CologneOff VII 2011 with the theme ‘ARTS & THE CITY’.


coff2012 eng highresCOFF art city33a


CologneOFF  founded  in 2006 is based on the unconventional concept to be a nomadic festival without a static festival location but built on global networking instead, based on a growing collection of art videos to be expanded each year by realising a new festival edition, instead of organising each year again an event just for  a week or so.


Its goal is to show on the tour around the globe venues, the diversity of the creative potential of “art and moving images” transported via the global medium of “video” in different countries at the same or different timing periods within a year.


In 2012, CologneOFF is realising its 8th festival edition expanding its context with two new special formats: "one minute videos" and "art & nimation".

More info about Cologne International Videoart Festival  can be found in the following links :

festival site

festival blog


An attached list of artists from all parts of the world and their video arts from this selection, that are going to be screened during our festival, can be found and downloaded here.







1. Trailer 2012 (25'')

The opening trailer of the festival

Video: Inès Sedan

Music: Στέλιος Κουπετώρης


2. A Happy Wish (Jack Shih, Taiwan 2010, 12' 30'')

2D animation, 3D animation

Happy Wish S105 00215

The film illustrates the internal struggle of children who are under the educational system of nowadays.


It’s an inspiring story of the children who live in the city and are stressed out by the overwhelming tests and academic works. The main character, Tin-Tin, chose to escape from reality using her imagination and experienced a series of fantasy adventures.

Production: Hsinping Dai

Animation: Hongjung Lo

Music: Chin Yin Liu

Sound: Jim Shum

Graphics: Jack Shih, XS Hengheng, Hsinping Dai


Jury prize Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012




3. Way out (Lily Sheikhat, Israel 2011, 5’30’’)

2D animation, Drawing on paper

way out

The hero goes down into the metro, sits down in a train and falls asleep.

Dream and reality are mixing, intertwining.

Perhaps it is not too late and the dreams will push him to change Reality and All his life.

Music, Sound: Ofer Yair

Voices: Avi Yair


Best student film Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012









4. The doodle (Diana Kalimeri, United Kingdom 2010, 3’29”)

2D animation, 3D animation, Drawing on Paper

the doodle 4

Steve was randomly created out of boredom. His creator drew him on a piece of paper while she was on the phone. He, later, gets thrown away in the rubbish, where his destiny is about to change...

Production: Middlesex University

Animation: Nick Clark-Lowes

Music: Paul Volo














5. Chest of Drawers (Sanni Lahtinen, Finland 2011, 7’14”)


chest of drawers

What is there for a chest to do when a little mischievous guest messes up her drawers?

Music: Anita Lahtinen

Sound: Lucas Pedersen

Voices: Jenni Rahkone


Special mention (graduation films) Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012









6. The Blossom of Hope (Sotoodeh Yarmahmoudi, Iran 2010-2011, 10’09”)

2D animation, Drawing on paper, Cell drawing

Blossom of Hope800

A white balloon leads a little girl to a new friend and they both embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Production: Mohammad Gharehyazie

Animation: Hanieh Salimi

Music, Sound: Behrooz Shahamat

Voices: Shima Adzar, Zahra Nazari, Nader Alimardai


Best music (Behrooz Shahamat) Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012 









7. Rum and Cigars (Ludmila Klinova, Russia 2010, 4’45’’)

2D animation, Rotoscope

rum and cigars

A group of jolly musicians comes to the gloomy snow-covered St. Petersburg and makes up a real holiday.

Music: Sever Combo


Special mention (graduation films) Be there! Corfu Animation Festival 2012






8. A Shadow of Blue (Carlos Lascano, Spain 2011, 12’05”)

Mixed-technique animation

A Shadow of Blue 3

A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to make dreams come true. How determining can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight?

Production: Carlos Lascano, Paula Lema

Animation: Carlos Lascano, Eallin Motion Art

Music: Alex Conrado

Voices: Dehlia McDonald, Piper McDonald, Lisette St. Louis

Camera: Bernardo Casali

Sound: Paul Wardlaw, Mark Vogelsang





9. Luminaris (Juan Pablo Zaramella, Argentina 2011, 6’20”)


luminaris 12

In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

Production: Sol Rulloni

Script: Juan Pablo Zaramella / Gustavo Cornillon

Sound: Diego Gatt / Alejo Villarino












10. [R] (Nicolas Bianco-Levrin & Julie Rembauville, France 2011, 12’34”)

Cut-out animation

R 03

In this city where everything is built around the letter R -you speak and think in an R way at school-, a child learns to write with difficulty. His delections create strange new signs.

Production: Marcello Cavagna

Animation, Camera, Editing: Julie Rembauville

Music: Maxence Camelin

Sound: Pierre Naïm Fievet

Voices: David Fisher









11. A Morning Stroll (Grand Orchard, United Kingdom 2011, 6’47”)

2D animation, 3D animation

Morning stroll 1

When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we’re left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.

Production: Sue Goffe

Animation: Sander Jones, Lucus Vigroux, Perrine Marais, Florian Mounie, Max Stoehr

Music, Sound, Editing: Nic Gill


Oscar 2012 Short Film (Animated) nominee









12. Grand Prix (Marc Riba & Anna Solanas, Spain 2011, 8’00”)



Cloudless sky. Vehicles on the grid. Blas, Ivan and Hector take their places. This is about to start! Ready, steady...

Animation, Character design: Núria Riba

Camera: Anna Molins

Music: Roqui Albero

Editing: Sergi Martí

Costumes: Anna Ribera










13. You shall not leave the way! (Veronika Szemlová, Czech Republic2011, 7’16’’)

2D animation


you shall not leave the way

Thoughtless acceptation of rules doesn’t have to lead to the supposed aim.

Script: Veronika Szemlová, Tomas Pasterny

Music, Sound: Marek Gabriel Hruška

Editing: Libor Nemeškal













14. Defective Detective (Avner Geller & Stevie Lewis, USA 2011, 3’35”)

2D animation, 3D animation

defective detective geller lewis lowRes 3

A washed-up detective's imagination runs wild, as he tries to solve the most critical case of his career.

Production School: Ringling College of Art & Design

Music: Raphael Beau

Sound: Clement Maleo

Total running time: 101' 14''

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