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The Ionian International Digital Film Festival, organized for two consecutive years by the Cultural Centre of Lefkas Municipality in collaboration with AVALON - Audiovisual Digital Productions, came successfully to its end.


The festival in 2013 had more a Mediterranean - Balkan profile with films coming mainly from southern Europe , Balkans , Middle East and Latin American countries with which we share not only largely common problems and culture but the geographic proximity gives participants the opportunity to visit more easily our country and Lefkas island. 


The festival hosted 52 films with Greek participation and quality level of all films being significantly much higher, comparatively with last year.


Despite the reduced budget compared to the previous year - due to the economic crisis facing our country - all foreign language films were translated and subtitled in Greek so that they could be watched by everybody at a local level. Subtitling was done by Sophia Simoni translator and subtitler at many major film festivals of our country.


Due to budget reductions, screening days, comparatively with last year, were also decreased. The screening hours were mainly in the afternoon from 15.00 till 22.30 in the evening except Saturday morning, where the best Video Art and Animation films were screened from the 9th CologneOff International Video Art Festival and the 3rd BETHERE! Corfu Animation International Festival respectively. Nevertheless, with a better time allocation and utilization done in the movies , the number of films screened this year was higher than last year.


The opening ceremony of the festival took place on Wednesday night, 9/10/2013 and began with greetings and speech by both Eleftherios Aravanis the President of the Municipal Council of Lefkas - Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Festival and the Artistic Director of the Festival Thanos Kermitsis.
Mr. Aravanis in his speech emphasized the issue that Lefkas city through this festival gives stage to young and independent artists with new ideas, modest means and without funding sources creating seventh art in a collaborative and team based spirit relying on solidarity and cooperation between them.

For this reason in many Greek films, we noticed that in both last and this year’s event, filmmakers of different specialities appeared to participate one in the movies of the others.


Short and documentary film screenings followed President's speech, according to screening schedule with last screening the feature film 'Agnus Dei' directed by Agim Sopi from Kosovo , who was present with the producer and the two actors of the film Enver Petrovci and Dafina Berisha, who talked about the film and answered questions from the audience at the end of the screening.


After a 4-day film variety screening schedule, the festival ended with the awards ceremony on Saturday night 12/10/2013 at 20.30 at Cine Apollon.

After the thankful speech of the Mayor of Lefkas Costas Aravanis to all participants, filmmakers and organizers of the festival, the awards were given by the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor of Culture and Tourism Anastasios Gazis and the President of the Organizing Committee Eleftherios Aravanis.


Among the foreign visitors they were present to receive their awards Agim Sopi from Kosovo and his team and Leila Jinkings from Brazil along with the film's producer and the relatives ( daughter and grandson ) of the agonist Hiram Pereira to whom the awarded documentary was dedicated.


The ceremony was also attended from the Greek awarded directors : Stella Arkenti director of Greek feature film ' The Murderess ' , Haris Gioulatos director of the short film 'Butterfly', Antonis Tolakis director of the documentary ' Sunflower Seeds ' , Vangelis Rigas, director of the documentary ' Spitfire -Back to Zero ' and Antonis Koutelias Sound Designer of the short ' Butterfly'.


For those that could not attend the ceremony a short video was screened with thankful message of the awarded filmmaker.


The electronic submission and processing of votes from the Jury Committee tie emerged in several award categories resulting the same award to be given to 2 movies in specific award categories. 


So, the award list consisted of 13 awards and 5 Honorable Mentions as follows :






Buttefly HalfBoardHeaven TheManWhoFedHisShadow HiddenLife Memorial



Butterfly – Haris Gioulatos - Greece

Half Board Heaven – George Ktistakis - Greece


Butterfly – Haris Gioulatos - Greece


The man who fed his shadow – Thodoris Michopoulos - Greece

Butterfly – Antonis Apostolou - Greece


Butterfly – Yiannis Vogiatzakis - Greece


Butterfly – Antonis Koutelias - Greece


Half Board Heaven- George Mavropsaridis - Greece


Butterfly – Haris Gioulatos - Greece


Hidden life – Dimitris Gkotsis - Greece

Memorial – Franscesco Filippi - Italy




                                                                                        AgnusDei TheMurderessengl Bronze



Agnus Dei – Agim Sopi - Kosovo

The Murderess – Stella Arkenti - Greece


Bronze – Claudio Perrin - Argentina




                                                                       GrievingNewMoon Spitfire SunflowerSeeds ComadresDay


Grieving New Moon – Leila Jinkings - Brazil

Spitfire : Back to zero – Vangelis Rigas - Greece


Sunflower seeds – Antonis Tolakis - Greece

Comadre's Day – Wanda Lopez Trelles – Argentina

At the end of ceremony a tasteful buffet with drinks was offered for celebration.

       You can find a photo album from Awards Ceremony night here in our facebook page.

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