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CologneOFF-Διεθνές Video Art Festival 2013


IDFF within the frame of networking and collaboration with other festivals around the globe in types like video art that are not within the content of IIDFF, is going to screen this year out of the competition procedure selected video arts from CologneOff IX 2013 with two themes under the headings : a) Objectives of Memory and b) Art & Nature.


cologneoff 2013


CologneOFF  founded  in 2006 is based on the unconventional concept to be a nomadic festival without a static festival location but built on global networking instead, based on a growing collection of art videos to be expanded each year by realising a new festival edition, instead of organising each year again an event just for  a week or so.


Its goal is to show on the tour around the globe venues, the diversity of the creative potential of “art and moving images” transported via the global medium of “video” in different countries at the same or different timing periods within a year.


More info about Cologne International Videoart Festival  can be found in the following links :
festival site
festival blog 


Detailed catalog with all video arts that will be screened by our festival on Saturday 12/10/2013 you will find below.




BETHERE - Corfu Animation Festival 2013

bethere 2013

Be there! Corfu Animation Festival is a new international animation festival, that includes Corfu, the capital of the Ionian Islands, as its point of reference. It aims to constitute a meeting point for animation artists from all over the world, every April of the year.


It is a four-day celebration of animation, but does not forget to advertise art and artistic merit in all its forms, combined with an educational glance and a time for entertainment.


IIDFF in the frame of promoting the cinematography art in the Ionian region has developed a collaboration with BETHERE and for second year is going to screen its 14 Best of Animation of 3nd BETHERE Festival of April 2013.

List of the animation films that will be screened during the festival (12/10/2013) in Lefkas can be found in the catalog below :





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