Documentaries 2013

Behind The Mountain


The film has as case study the region of Zagoria in Epirus, which has ecological and architectural features of significant importance. At the beginning a reference is made to the main problems of everyday life and to the factors that are barriers to development The opportunities are then highlighted and the elements that can lead to a more viable prospect for prosperity and regeneration of Zagoria

Place       / Year of Production : Greece  / 2012
Duration : 19' mins 57'' secs
Director                 - Production
Avrilios Karakostas   - Alexandros Karapetsis

Broken Border

This documentary is split into episodes each helping to develop the story of : smuggling. This illegal activity involves a beginning and an end with several stages and routes in between. The smuggling is done with animals and cars and the  structure of the movie refers to each station that is passed after a pause to get to that place. A poem before each episode acts as a prelude. The movie starts with a disastrous scene but it's forgotten till the last part that again we see the same catastrophic images that cause the audience to come back to the beginning of the movie to find out the meaning of them. The documentary tells the story of how petroleum is delivered over the border and in the end goes to the first stage i.e. the departure place. 
Place      / Year of Production : Iran    /  2012
Duration : 18' mins 50'' secs
Director - Producer : Keywan Karimi

Comadre's Day


Once a year, the Thursday before the beginning of Carnival, is the day dedicated to women. They gather for one reason, to unloose their wills, instincs and ideals, to let them flow in order to become the Comadres of a new cycle of life.

Place       / Year of Production
Argentina   /  2013
24' mins 19'' secs
Director            - Producer
Wanda López Trelles - Itín Producciones

Award 2013

Dragan Wende WestBerlin


A bordello doorman in West-Berlin wants the Wall and his past back. The Yugoslav immigrant Dragan Wende used to be the street king of West-Berlin’s 1970s hedonistic disco scene. Along with his friends, he roamed the nightclubs on both sides of the Wall – his pockets full of Western money. But when the Wall fell, everything changed. Dragan has not set foot in East Berlin for the past 20 years and has no intention to do so. A microcosm of underdogs and their survival strategies unfolds as a tragicomedy in a still-divided city. A crazy piece of world history told from the kitchen of an eccentric and washed-up bordello doorman. A moving piece of family history, told in the historical dimension of the Cold War. A loving portrait full of (black) humor, stunning archives and music:moving, educational and entertaining.

Place                / Year of Production
Germany-Serbia  /  2013
1 hr , 24' mins , 16'' secs
Director - Producer
Lena Muller, Dragan Von Petrovic

Grieving New Moon


Hiram Pereira de Lima, journalist, actor, poet and communist activist, was killed by the dictatorship in Brazil. The girls meet to talk about his father through music, unifying element of the family routine. They sing the song composed by his father in jail and mother songs.

Place        / Year of Production
Brazil     /  2013
29' mins 35'' secs
Director - Producer
Leila Jinkings

Award 2013

Oh How I long


The documentary depicts the decay of Al-Quds through the life of 67 years old Ibrahim Shabana. Born in the beautiful Old City of Jerusalem to a family that was once the most respected distributor of books in Palestine. Ibrahim lives at present in a narrow refugee camp at the outskirts of the city. His only income is from selling the Al-Quds daily newspaper at Bab Al'amood, the famous Damascus Gate, and entrance to the Old City. But at the gate where reality and fantasy intersect, Ibrahim's belief in his kinship with the latefamous Egyptian singer Abdel Halim Hafez, with whom he shares the last name and a similar appearance, has a paradoxical power of salvation.

Place      / Year of Production
Palestine   /  2013
39' mins 12'' secs
Director - Producer
Riyad Deis

Open Village Council

The Open Village Council is one of the few forms of direct democracy that remain in the world. In Spain, it is a right that villages of less than a hundred inhabitants are entitled to, in recognition of the tradition of assembly where villagers gathered in symbolic places such as squares etc.
Place      / Year of Production 
Spain      /  2012
5' mins 53'' secs
Director - Producer
Carmen Comadrán

Spitfire : Back To Zero


SPITFIRE : The incredible story of one of the best heavy metal bands in Greece. Spitfire had everything going for them until one day, lead singer Dinos Kostakis was involved in a tragic accident that forced him to retire from the stage after sustaining a serious injury. His marvellous voice became metal history before he even reached his peak. Despite adversity, Spitfire found the strength to go on.  This documentary features previously unreleased tracks with the legendary "First Attack" line-up. Manager Giannis Koutouvos and founder and lead guitarist Ilias Loginidis take a walk down memory lane. "Spitfire: Back to Zero" documents a long-overdue reunion after a 15-year hiatus, giving rise to memories, disagreements and conflicts. But what is it all about? Art? Glory? Money? The only one who can provide the answers is Dinos Kostakis, the voice that forever ceased, because life surpasses art and it always will.

Place        /  Year of Production : Greece   /  2012
1 hr , 30' mins 
Director - Producer
Vangelis Rigas

Award 2013

Sunflower Seeds


A group of children surviving on the streets of Athens. Among them is Sayid, a twelve-year old boy, who works all day selling sunflower seeds in the city’s suburban parks. His existence borders on absolute poverty, as he prowls for food in philanthropic organizations. His daily routine in the chaotic capitol of Greece is nothing but a struggle for survival. At the same time, however, he manages to find and enjoy the freedom the city streets can offer. Sayid, along with his friends who are all immigrants from Afghanistan, escape their desperation by clinging onto their hopes. With them, he plays innocent childhood games and dreams of a better future: He wants to leave for Northern Europe, to go to school, and to have a decent job when he grows up. But how fast does a child grow? Sayid is trapped in Greece, a country plagued by a financial crisis, increasing unemployment, rampant xenophobia, and racist violence. Sayid states clearly, “I’ve been here about two years, and it feels like twenty have passed.”

Place      / Year of Production
Greece    /  2013
31' mins 51'' secs
Director - Producer
Antonis Tolakis

Award 2013

The last case


The last time Jose Lluya saw his father and uncles was on a dark night in 1987, when hooded men broke into his home in the countryside of Peru. During the following 20 years his only purpose was to find them. His father and uncles were some of the many victims of the bloody civil war that the terrorist group 'Shining Path' led Peru in the period 1980 - 2000.

Place     /  Year of Production
Peru    /  2013
15' mins 
Director              - Producer
Fernando Torres    -  Dimitris Kozmas

The Violinist of Auschwitz


A Sephardic Jew, born in the Greek city of Thessaloniki, tells the harrowing experience of having been imprisoned for two years in the Nazi death camp Auschwitz, and how his life was saved thanks to who could play the violin. 

Place      /  Year of Production 
Spain    /  2012
13' mins 3'' secs
Director  - Producer
Carlos Hernando

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