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Agnus Dei


He was born from the ones that he shouldn't, he lived with those that he mustn't and he killed the one that he shouldn't.
Based on a true story Agnus Dei is a kind of Oedipus of our days. Peter must find this way to redemption. But the past will make itself known and fate sparingly gives mercy.

Place      / Year of Production
Kosovo    /  2012
1 hr , 47' mins 35'' secs
Script Writer - Director - Production
Agim Sopi

Award 2013



Berta and Horacio are two half siblings, from a family of fishermen.  Years after the death of their parents are reunited at the home of his childhood, with the aim of stealing epitaphs in the cemetery. Beyond the possible money, she searches her brother to calm her desolation.

Place        / Year of Production
Argentina   /  2013
1 hr , 21' mins 58'' secs
Script Writer / Director  - Production
Claudio Perrin                    -  Denise Almeida

Award 2013

The Murderess


Frankogiannou is a woman, experienced many sufferings in her troubled life which caused many traumas in her poor soul. Her logic got haunted by injustice and misery. In her clouded mind she believes that her sufferings give her the right to take the law in her own hands. Herm mind got slightly exalted. Human loigic replaces Divine Will with grievous results. Lost in her own demons she withdraws from the city of men leaving behind her dead bodies of little girls...Girls that would have become miserable women like her... Without any hope or faith she will seek refuge in the wilderness where haunted by her nightmares she will be lost in her own despair. Unfaithfulness, the void of her soul, will surround her. Then a wave will make her vanish...

Place      / Year of Production
Greece    /  2012
1 hr 29' mins 57'' secs
Script Writer - Director - Production
Stella Arkenti

Award 2013

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