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Festival Regulation


Article 1 :  Festival’s Name – Title – Place – Time – Duration - Entity

  • The name of the festival is : ‘IONIAN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL’, with the abbreviated title “IIDFF’, composed from the initials of its name.
  • The Festival will take place in Lefkas Island once a year in the summer and its events will have a duration nearly of one week. 
  • The exact dates of the festival will be announced early every year in the festival’s official website.
  • Festival keeps the rights to change the time period or postpone or even cancel it, if there are serious reasons not permitting its implementation.


Article 2 :  Scope and Goals


Scope of the Festival is to promote the new technological and digital means that are being developed in the Greek and International Filmmaking and give the opportunity to as many as possible new creators from all over the world to screen their movies to a high level and modern festival.

The goals of the festival are the following :

  • To develop a festival that will have not only national but also European and International profile.
  • To screen the work of new filmmakers from all parts of the world, that cannot find stage easily for their movie and also to highlight themselves as creators.
  • To award not only the film and its director but also the rest of the crew awarding separately each filmmaking specialty.
  • To develop contact, networking, communication and collaboration between the filmmakers.
  • To develop networking and collaboration with other festivals screening their awarded movies mainly in film genres other than those included in the festival such as Video Art, Animation etc.
  • To establish a permanent link between the festival and the place and the place with the festival.
  • To contribute to the combination of cultural, tourist and financial development in local and national level.

Article 3 :  Festival Content – Film Categories – Submission Terms

  • Festival includes movies of any origin from filmmakers coming from all parts the world.
  • There are no restrictions in the genre of the movies submitted. The  basic categories a movie should be classified is one of the following 3 with the associated permitted duration times for each category.
    • Short Films (Minimum : 1’, Maximum : 25’)
    • Feature Films (Minimum : 60’, Maximum : 120’)
    • Documentaries (Minimum : 10’, Maximum : 90’)
  • Movies should have been produced within the last 2 years, the current and the year before the last festival. they should not have any distribution and they should not have been re-submitted to the same festival.
  • All movies must be subtitled in English and be submitted in three copies in DVD (PAL) format.
  • For local screening purposes all movies selected, except Greek. will be subtitled in Greek Language.
  • DVD’s should be playable in both PC and DVD players, not locked and with no menus.
  • The submission and the payment method of the submission fees will be done by the filmmakers via electronic or/and any other method indicated in the annual Submission Terms of the festival.
  • For the submission of a movie a manual or an electronic submission form is required to be filled and sent either by post or via Internet in the address indicated in the submission form.
  • For each submitting film the material that should be sent by post must include the following set of items :
    • Submission Form filled and signed by the Director or/and Producer
    • 2 DVD’s of the movie in PAL format
    • 1 CD/DVD with CV and Photo of the Director + poster or/and 1-2 photos from the movie + trailer if any available
  • The envelope that will be posted must have the following indication written on it : ‘NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, ONLY FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES’.
  • Each director can submit more than one movies to the festival. In this case, different submission form with its associated set of material mentioned above is required to be posted for each movie submitted.
  • The submission of a film is valid only if the submission form is filled and signed by the Director and the Producer of the film (which might be the same person), is within the submission deadlines and submission fee has been paid.
  • Signing and posting the submission form implies that the submitter fully agrees with the submission terms and the regulation of the festival.
  • Submission terms are subject to be changed once every year and they will be updated in the Festival’s official website.
  • Submission deadlines might possibly be various, in which case they will be announced accordingly together with their associated submission fees which will vary according to the film category (short, feature, documentary) and to each submission period.
  • Posting charges exclusively belong to the submitters.
  • Filmmakers have the exclusive responsibility of all copyrights related to their movies, they submit in the festival.
  • After the submission, cinematographers cannot withdraw their film and the festival in any case does not have the obligation to return the material and the fees submitted. Return of the fees is only applicable in case of festival cancelation.
  • Festival has no responsibility of any loss of the material submitted.
  • At the end of the festival, the films and the submitted material are not returned to the submitters and remain for archive purposes to the festival.

Article 4 : Films Selection, Screenings, Awards – Awards Categories



  • All films submitted go through the selection process provided that they meet the requirements of the current regulation and satisfy the submission terms of the festival.
  • The festival has all the rights to reject a film for any cause and reason that is against the style and the ethics of the festival and the art of the cinematography.
  • Films Selections automatically imply the screening of the films in the Festival (Status : Selected). Filmmakers will be informed for the selection of their submitted films.
  • In case a film is selected, a better quality copy might be additionally asked to be submitted for screening purposes. If required and not submitted, festival has the right to exclude it from the list of selected films.


  • Award nominees are selected for each award category and nominations are announced to the filmmakers.
  • Awards in total will be around 25 one for each filmmaking specialty sorted by film category (short, feature, documentary). There will be  candidates for each award category. (Award Nominees).


  • The screening program is prepared by the organization committee  according to the number, the category and the length of the films submitted. The screening schedule is announced both to candidate filmmakers and to the festival’s official website.
  • The films screenings will take place in Cine ‘APOLLON’, which is in the center of Lefkas Town. Parallel screenings, depending on the number of submitted films , can also take place at screening venues available in Cultural Center.
  • Video and sound recording equipment are prohibited to be used in the venues during the films screening sessions.
  • Festival retains the rights to screen, all or some of the films submitted, to events other than the festival’s for promotion or other cultural not commercial purposes.


  • Best films are selected as candidates for each award category (Awards Nominees).
  • Judging committee, consisted of artists from the Ionian and Greek Region, will be responsible for both award nomination and final awarding procedures. The members of the Judging Committee will be selected by the Organization Committee of the festival and will be announced every year at the Festival’s official website.
  • Certificate and a trophy will be given for each award category.
  • At the end of the festival special Participation Certificate will be posted to all non-awarded filmmakers, certifying that their film participated in the festival.
  • Award categories are subject to change without any prior notice, according to the number and the categories of the films submitted every year. Some indicative award categories are listed below.







2. BEST SCRIPT           


4. BEST MUSIC        

5. BEST SOUND                 

6. BEST EDITING           







2. BEST SCRIPT           


4. BEST MUSIC        

5. BEST SOUND                 

6. BEST EDITING           










3. BEST MUSIC        

4. BEST SOUND                 




Screening Venue


The screening venue for the festivals in 2012,2013 was the Municipal Cinema 'APOLLON', which is in the heart of Lefkas town.

Cine 'Apollon' was built in 1928 from a merchant called Dionisis Skliros. Skliros was the first one, who brought speaking films in Lefkas.

Spiros and George Skliros, his sons, were Dionisis' successors. They had the summer cinema 'APOLLON' a bit further down from Kria Vrisi, opposite the hotel 'Santa Maura'.

The cinema today is retained in excelent condition with modern audiovisual equipment.

CineApollonIMG 0032s4

Festival Artistic Director




Τhanos Kermitsis was born in 1985 in Athens, Greece having his origins from Kastos Island - Lefkada.

He is a graduate of the Film & Tv Studies department in New York College, a graduate of the Post Production department of Intergraphics College of Digital Technologies in Applied & Fine Arts and a graduate of Public Administration department in Panteion University.


From 2008 he has directed many short films, while his first feature film was the award-winning epic fantasy film “The Dragonphoenix Chronicles: Indomitable”.

He has also participated in short and feature films as an actor,editor,assistant director and director of photography.


All his films have won awards in International Film Festivals.


He is also an award winning screenwriter, as two of his sreenplays, the action - crime drama“Family Park” and the sci-fi film “3L3N1” have both won awards in 2015 at the Greek Screenwriters Guild Screenplay Competition.


Since 2012 he is the Artistic Director of the Ionian International Digital Film Festival.


Filmography (as Director) / Awards


2014- Felony (5')

• Honorary Distinction for Set Design - Festival Film Fantasy “Vangelis Kotronis” 2015
• Honorary Distinction for Sound Design - Festival Film Fantasy “Vangelis Kotronis” 2015
• Cinematic Achievement Award – Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2014
• Award nomination for Best International Super Short- Galactic Film Festival 2014, USA
• Official Selection- Los Angeles Movie Awards 2014, USA

2013- The Dragonphoenix Chronicles - INDOMITABLE (126')
• Silver Remi Award- WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2015,USA
• Jury's Prize for Most Original Work- Cinemavvenire Film Festival 2014, Italy
• Rising Star Award – Canada International Film Festival 2014, Canada
• Award nomination for Special Effects & Filmmaking Innovation - Greek Film Academy Awards 2014
• Award nomination for Best Costumes- FilmQuest Film Festival 2014, USA
• Best Sets/Costumes in a Feature Film- Cyprus International Film Festival 2013,Cyprus
• Award nomination for Best Cinematography Award- Cyprus International Film Festival 2013,Cyprus
• Best Sets/Costumes in a Feature Film- Peloponnesian International Film Festival 2013
• Award for New Director – Audience Award SevenArt 2014
• Best Film Trailer - Audience Award SevenArt 2014

2011- Troglodytes (21')
• Best Greek Short Film - Cyprus International Film Festival 2011,Cyprus
• Best Greek Short Film - Peloponnesian International Film Festival 2011
• Award nomination for Best International Short Film – Staffordshire Film Festival 2011 , UK
• Honourable Mention- Los Angeles Movie Awards 2011, USA 


2010- Remnant (15')
• Best International Short Film- Swansea Bay International Film Festival 2010, UK
• Royal Reel Award, Canada International Film Festival 2011, Canada
• 2nd Coolest Short Film Award – Argo Film Festival 2010, Volos
• Award nomination for Best European Short Film – Ireland International Film Festival 2010, Ireland
• Award nomination for Best International Short Film – Heart of England International Film Festival 2010, UK


2010- Live like a Cop - Die like a Dog (40')
• Best film – Public Digital Film Festival 2010


2009- Death Knocks (20')
• Honorary Distinction – Artfools Film Festival 2010


Eleni Konofaou

The board of directors of the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians developing versatile action in the fields of art and culture, undertakes the International Digital Film Festival of the Ionian Islands, (IIDFF) and sets as goal the establishment of it, as one of the main pillars for the promotion of Ionian culture and tourism development of the Ionian islands, on an international scale. 


The IIDFF opened by the Municipality of Lefkada Cultural Centre in 2012 and held two consecutive events in the years 2012 and 2013 to be allocated subsequently in 2016 to the the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians, to further the emergence in Greece and abroad.


With the responsibility to create a living organism, which will communicate with the film culture sosiety and will serve the free artistic expression mainly through the voluntary initiative, the H.UH and the Artistic Director of the Festival, taking its organization on an annual basis with new perspective and action as a creative experiment and at the same time, a unique challenge. 


The International Digital Film Festival of the Ionian Islands, (IIDFF) is going to take place every year in one of the Ionian islands and we hope in the few next years, to be added to the international list of the respective Festivals, as one of the most successful, as it will encapsulate all the dreams and creator pursuits of the 7th art, to a good environment centered on the Ionian Sea, opening new horizons for further creative career in the transition to the 21st century. 



The President of the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians and

President of the Organizing Committee of IIDFF


 Eleni Konofaou

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