Eleni Konofaou

The board of directors of the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians developing versatile action in the fields of art and culture, undertakes the International Digital Film Festival of the Ionian Islands, (IIDFF) and sets as goal the establishment of it, as one of the main pillars for the promotion of Ionian culture and tourism development of the Ionian islands, on an international scale. 


The IIDFF opened by the Municipality of Lefkada Cultural Centre in 2012 and held two consecutive events in the years 2012 and 2013 to be allocated subsequently in 2016 to the the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians, to further the emergence in Greece and abroad.


With the responsibility to create a living organism, which will communicate with the film culture sosiety and will serve the free artistic expression mainly through the voluntary initiative, the H.UH and the Artistic Director of the Festival, taking its organization on an annual basis with new perspective and action as a creative experiment and at the same time, a unique challenge. 


The International Digital Film Festival of the Ionian Islands, (IIDFF) is going to take place every year in one of the Ionian islands and we hope in the few next years, to be added to the international list of the respective Festivals, as one of the most successful, as it will encapsulate all the dreams and creator pursuits of the 7th art, to a good environment centered on the Ionian Sea, opening new horizons for further creative career in the transition to the 21st century. 



The President of the Hellenic Union of Heptanisians and

President of the Organizing Committee of IIDFF


 Eleni Konofaou

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